Author: Mary Rhodes

3 Ez Ways To Financial Your Switch!

An immediate cash no credit check required loan is a good solution intended for unexpected problems and events. Perhaps your car stopped operating, your son needs medical help or your husband abruptly lost his job-what have you been experiencing to accomplish? You’ll not find one other lender who is able to fund your current loan […]

May It Be A Good Idea To Obtain Loans With Bad Credit?

In the event that you study precisely concerning the performance of the united kingdom financial-market you’ll find means to fix most issues. Creditors in the united kingdom financial-market get invented numerous immediate money choices for the debtors regarding fixing this issue. These personal loan are now actually the absolute most discussed resources that were monetary. […]

The First Elegy

‘and being dead is hard work and full of retrieval before once can gradually feel a trace of eternity…’ The First Elegy, Rainer Maria Rilke Picture ‘A journey into “the heart of all things” Karola Muller on The Long Woman ‘To me, it seems that Kevan’s richly imaginative story-spinning is in the process of developing […]

Volume Two: Windsmith

After being sucked through a portal in No Man’s Land during the First World War Battle of Mons, Royal Flying Corps observer Kerne finds himself in another world, fighting for his life against his unpredictable pilot – Madoc, who has become Taranis, the Iron King. Modern weapons of war have been introduced to the Bronze […]