Author: Mary Rhodes

Volume One: The Long WomanVolume One: The Long Woman

An antiquarian’s widow discovers her husband’s lost journals and sets out on a journey of remembrance across 1920s England and France, retracing his steps in search of healing and independence. Along alignments of place and memory she meets mystic Dion Fortune, leyline-pioneer Alfred Watkins and a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle obsessed with the Cottingley Fairies. […]


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Shadow-World: The World of The Windsmith ElegyShadow-World: The World of The Windsmith Elegy

Map of Hypereurus The Windsmith Elegy is set on Earth between 1899-1939 and Shadow World, a Secondary World consisting of four main domains, named after the Cardinal Winds: Hyper-Eurus; Hyper-Zephyrus; Hyper-Notus; and Hyper-Borea. Philosophical/Theological ideas behind Shadow-World: Manichaeism The prophet Mani, founder of Manichaeism, imagined that the world was once divided between a kingdom of […]


The Windsmith Elegy is based largely on Celtic Mythology. There may be some terms that are unfamiliar to the lay reader and, having used my artistic license, I have interpreted them in my own way, so here’s a glossary to hopefully clear matters up! Many words are Welsh and to help, here’s a brief guide […]

The Windsmith Elegy: a Mythic Reality quintet from Kevan ManwaringThe Windsmith Elegy: a Mythic Reality quintet from Kevan Manwaring

Kevan Manwaring is a writer, teacher and storyteller who lives in Bath, Somerset, England. Holder of an MA in the Teaching and Practice in Creative Writing from Cardiff University, he teaches creative writing part-time for the Open University. He also runs freelance courses in storytelling and various aspects of the writing process to a wide […]