The Amesbury Archer
The Windsmith Elegy features a wide cast of characters, some real, some imaginary, in the spirit of Walter Savage Landor’s ‘Imaginary Conversations’.

The novels they appear in are listed in abbreviations:

The Long Woman (TLW); Windsmith (WS); The Well Under the Sea (WuS); The Burning Path (TBP); The Wounded Kingdom (TWK).

NB this list is still being developed, please be patient – more information to come on the main historical characters…

Isambard Kerne (TLW; WS; WuS; TBP; TWK): Edwardian antiquarian, observer of the Royal Flying Corps, accidental adventurer, windsmith. Born 1869 of Irish and Welsh ancestry. Missing in action at the Battle of Mons, August 1914.

Maud Kerne (TLW; TWK): wife of Isambard, a windsmith in her own right.

Archie Kerne (TLW): Isambard’s brother, Boer War veteran & would-be suitor of Maud.

Martha Kerne (TLW): Isambard’s Welsh mother.

Patrick ‘Paddy’ Kerne (WS): Isambard’s father. Navvy on the GWR.

Harry Mallard a.k.a. Mad Duck/Madoc, Speaks-with-Thunder, Taranis (TLW; WS: WuS; TBP; TWK) Kerne’s pilot, enemy and eventually, constant companion in the form of his white shadow

Alfred Watkins (TLW): early 20th Century ley pioneer, author of The Old Straight Track.

Dion Fortune (TLW): early 20th Century mystic and author on many occult books of fiction and non-fiction.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (TLW): author of the Sherlock Holmes series & The Coming of the Fairies.

AE/George Russel (TLW): Irish mystic, author of ‘The Candle of Vision and others.

Amelia Earhart (WuS; TBP; TWK): American 30s aviatrix, record-breaking ‘queen of the skies’; Kerne’s ‘angel’ & companion. Subject of a major new movie by Mira Nair – Amelia – find out more here

Freddie Noonan (WuS): Amelia’s navigator on her last flight.

Antoine de St-Exupery (TBP): French aviator and author of The Little Prince; Wind, Sand and Stars; Southern Mail & Night Flight.

Leo Africanus (TBP): famous traveller

Tin Hinan (TBP): legendary queen of the Tuareg

Arthur Pendragon (WuS; TWK): semi-legendary Dark Age King of Britain, destined to return in the time of Britain’s greatest need.

Merlin, aka Myrddin (WS; WuS; TBP; TWK): Isambard’s unpredictable bird-ally, the great wizard of legend, turned into the eponymous falcon by ‘a woman’

Morgen (WuS; TWK): Queen of Ashalante, Arthur’s half-sister.

Barinthus (WuS; TWK): a legendary boatman said to have taken Arthur to Avalon, ‘he who knows the secrets of the seas and stars’.

Taliesin (WuS; TWK): legendary bard of Arthur’s. Also, 6th Century Welsh bard.

Aveldra, aka ‘Whirlwind’ (WuS; TWK): the former priestess of the Spiral who enchanted Merlin and trapped him in his esplumoir. Exiled from the Nine, she is bent on revenge…

Agents of Discord (WS; WuS; TBP; TWK): the sinister forces of chaos set on the destruction of Shadow World and dominion of Earth.

Eilmer (TWK): historical flying monk of Malmesbury

Gwendydd (TWK): Merlin’s sister