Volume Three: The Well Under the Sea

Using the East Wind he has mastered in Hypereurus Kerne sails across the WesteringSea in

The Tale of Dru the Windsmith

‘When the monks of Wilmington had finished building their priory they set about their next

Volume One: The Long Woman

An antiquarian’s widow discovers her husband’s lost journals and sets out on a journey of


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Shadow-World: The World of The Windsmith Elegy

Map of Hypereurus The Windsmith Elegy is set on Earth between 1899-1939 and Shadow World,

Volume Four: The Burning Path

Three strangers meet in a nameless desert and must come to terms with their past


The Amesbury Archer The Windsmith Elegy features a wide cast of characters, some real, some

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The Windsmith Elegy is based largely on Celtic Mythology. There may be some terms that

The Windsmith Elegy: a Mythic Reality quintet from Kevan Manwaring

Kevan Manwaring is a writer, teacher and storyteller who lives in Bath, Somerset, England. Holder