Discover How To Start Your Company At Home With These 3 Practical StepsDiscover How To Start Your Company At Home With These 3 Practical Steps

Most everyone dreams may dream or have desired to start a small business. The only thing is the fact that most of those people never, in fact, put their desires directly into action is fear of failing, especially in the form of losing their particular entire life savings. If you want to lose your personal […]

Why You Might Require Credit Card Debt ConsolidationWhy You Might Require Credit Card Debt Consolidation

But , with a brand new debt consolidation loans repayment calculator, you can make presented monthly payments since you may have a much lower interest. In addition , your new personal loan may have a set personal loan term. This particular states that you can finally get this loan paid off. The majority of debt […]

May It Be A Good Idea To Obtain Loans With Bad Credit?May It Be A Good Idea To Obtain Loans With Bad Credit?

In the event that you study precisely concerning the performance of the united kingdom financial-market you’ll find means to fix most issues. Creditors in the united kingdom financial-market get invented numerous immediate money choices for the debtors regarding fixing this issue. These personal loan are now actually the absolute most discussed resources that were monetary. […]

Volume One: The Long WomanVolume One: The Long Woman

An antiquarian’s widow discovers her husband’s lost journals and sets out on a journey of remembrance across 1920s England and France, retracing his steps in search of healing and independence. Along alignments of place and memory she meets mystic Dion Fortune, leyline-pioneer Alfred Watkins and a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle obsessed with the Cottingley Fairies. […]


Kevan Manwaring: Bard on a Bike blog: Awen Publications: Fire Springs: Bath Writers Workshop: Amelia Earhart: Antoine de St-Exupery: Rainer Maria Rilke: Way of Awen

Shadow-World: The World of The Windsmith ElegyShadow-World: The World of The Windsmith Elegy

Map of Hypereurus The Windsmith Elegy is set on Earth between 1899-1939 and Shadow World, a Secondary World consisting of four main domains, named after the Cardinal Winds: Hyper-Eurus; Hyper-Zephyrus; Hyper-Notus; and Hyper-Borea. Philosophical/Theological ideas behind Shadow-World: Manichaeism The prophet Mani, founder of Manichaeism, imagined that the world was once divided between a kingdom of […]