Shadow-World: The World of The Windsmith ElegyShadow-World: The World of The Windsmith Elegy

Map of Hypereurus
The Windsmith Elegy is set on Earth between 1899-1939 and Shadow World, a Secondary World consisting of four main domains, named after the Cardinal Winds: Hyper-Eurus; Hyper-Zephyrus; Hyper-Notus; and Hyper-Borea.

Philosophical/Theological ideas behind Shadow-World:


The prophet Mani, founder of Manichaeism, imagined that the world was once divided between a kingdom of darkness and a kingdom of light, existing separately but adjacently, and that, as the result of darkness’s inherent aggression, these two kingdoms had become confused and jumbled, creating the world we know now, which he called “the Smudge”. He thought it was the duty of all people on the side of light to recover those atoms of their substance from the darkness and thus, in however small a way, do their bit to rescue the world. If one lived a “good” life, one was helping to do no less than protect the vastness of the world and everything in it, past, present and future; one would become, in effect, absorbed into God.

Counter Earth

The Counter-Earth is a hypothetical body of the Solar system first hypothesized by the pre-Socratic philosopher Philolaus to support his non-geocentriccosmology, in which all objects in the universe revolve around a Central Fire. The Greek word “Antichthon” means “Counter-Earth.” According to some Greek Mythology, Antichthon was placed between Earth and the center of the universe, the throne of Zeus, to stop man from looking at God directly.