The First ElegyThe First Elegy

‘and being dead is hard work
and full of retrieval before once can gradually feel
a trace of eternity…’

The First Elegy, Rainer Maria Rilke
‘A journey into “the heart of all things” Karola Muller on The Long Woman

‘To me, it seems that Kevan’s richly imaginative story-spinning is in the process of developing a tour de force. We need more such visionary literature today to counter the endemic defeatism of our times, and portray the mythic, the heroic potential of humankind.’ Geoff Ward, Mysterious Planet

Fantasy, steam punk and history combine in this metaphysical epic, which follows the adventures of Isambard Kerne, Royal Flying Corps observer and Edwardian antiquarian, as he explores the Realms of the Four Winds and beyond. Only by mastering the Way of the Windsmith will he finally find release from Shadow World – a parallel Earth he becomes trapped in after falling through a mysterious vortex in the First World War. A man alive in the Afterlands of the dead, his quest is to find atonement for the murder of his co-pilot and return home to the land of the living, to the soil of his soul: the British Isles. Along the way he meets the lost of history, including aviators Amelia Earhart and Antoine de St-Exupéry, side-by-side with legends, angels and demons. Only by mastering the Four Winds can this Edwardian Odysseus master his fate and find his way home.

Welcome to the world of Windsmith. Find out about the five books, read sample chapters, discover more about the real remarkable characters who feature in the book, purchase a copy or make a date in your diary for an event…

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Editor’s Note:
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of author Robert Holdstock on 29 November 2009, a great inspiration and influence of mine from the moment I started to readhis World Fantasy Award winning classic, Mythago Wood (first published 1985). He was the one modern author I loyally followed over the years, the only one whose books I would buy in hardback as soon as they were released. His last book, Avilion (2009) – a sequel to Mythago Wood that took 25 years to finally manifest – brings his epic mythos to a beautifully crafted conclusion, although Ryhope Woood will always be there, a portal on our doorstep. He created a gateway with his words – bringing the Otherworld just that little bit closer. His haunting words and visionary worlds will live on.