The Windsmith Elegy: a Mythic Reality quintet from Kevan ManwaringThe Windsmith Elegy: a Mythic Reality quintet from Kevan Manwaring

Kevan Manwaring is a writer, teacher and storyteller who lives in Bath, Somerset, England. Holder of an MA in the Teaching and Practice in Creative Writing from Cardiff University, he teaches creative writing part-time for the Open University. He also runs freelance courses in storytelling and various aspects of the writing process to a wide variety of students. As a professional storyteller he has appeared in numerous shows both solo and with Fire Springs, both in Britain and abroad (USA, Italy and Malta). He is the author of The Bardic Handbook, Lost Islands, the ongoing Windsmith books and his poems and articles have appeared in several magazines and anthologies. In 1998 he won the Bardic Chair of Caer Badon in his adopted city of Bath. He co-runs the Bath Writers’ Workshop. He was born on 19th August (early pioneer of flight Orville Wright’s birthday and National Aviation Day, USA) and admires windsmiths of the steel, feather and string variety. Read his blog here