Volume Three: The Well Under the SeaVolume Three: The Well Under the Sea

Using the East Wind he has mastered in Hypereurus Kerne sails across the WesteringSea in his ship Llyr to find the fabled Ashalantë, an island of lost souls at the crossroads of time. There to learn the secrets of the West Wind, he finds himself falling in love with one of the Nine, the priestesses who guard the Well of Life. The headstrong woman turns out to be Amelia Earhart, American aviatrix who went missing on her last flight across the Pacific. The Edwardian airman and 30’s American pioneer, initially at odds, find themselves kindred spirits, much to the chagrin of her drunken navigator, Noonan. Torn between duty and desire, Kerne and Earhart finds themselves embroiled in a tragic chain of events that threaten to bring about the destruction of the island paradise. They must fight Aveldra, an exiled enchantress and the Agents of Discord, who turn the Ashalantëans against themselves. Yet can the aviatrix and the airman stop the island being overwhelmed by the tides of war, any more than stop their own hearts being overwhelmed by love?

‘…for some reason I am reminded of Lindsey’s Voyage to Arcturus. Not in content or motifs or imagery, but in the overall feeling. This is a good thing, of course, as it sets the book in a particular realm of imaginative art that is neither science-fiction nor neo-Celtic. The Celtic motifs are used in a very original manner, much superior to the many dreary pot-boiling “Celtic fantasy” novels that are already out there. So the book has great strength and originality.’ RJ Stewart

‘…the book builds up to a crescendo and is totally gripping in the end. It is love story dealing with the devastating effects of forbidden love, and the destruction caused by the vengeance of a diseased soul.’ Moyra Caldecott

‘I love the way you weave so many different elements of myth, imagination and real world stuff into your setting – it makes the backdrops seems very resonant and familiar, and other at the same time.’ Brynneth N Colvin, author